Ethical or Unethical? Views on MS!

Disclaimer: I am not anti-Microsoft, but praising this Corporation for their deeds is something which I cant gulp down the throat.

I had a discussion with one of my friend about how Microsoft made its market share, what it develops and how its products perform. I kept on pressing that save some of its products rest all are a piece of crap. Those two products are Outlook 2007 and Visual Studio.

Marketing Strategy: I always felt that Microsoft is more of marketing rather than software development. It projects even a beta software like a stable one, never admits its flaws and keeps on making excuses day by day. The OOXML story even made me ashamed how such a big corporation can adopt unethical practices. Bribing, pressurizing and making deals is all the work which this Corporation does and pays less tress on the quality of their products

Internet Explorer: It should be banned! Yes, I firmly believe this! It is that browser which has fractured the web and still thinks itself a God. It doesn’t follow any standards and assumes that whatever it implements becomes an unofficial standard. I cant get how people get to believe this? How a good web designer can think IE’s implementation of technologies as standard. Such designers needs coaching classes or else they are not fit for their post. Other rival browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome are light years ahead of IE, implementing all the web standards and technologies at such a pace. Are IE developers sleeping? If they think that managing IE is beyond their capacity, shut down the project and unbundle this stinking browser from the next Windows release. People say that living without IE is tough, I never felt so! Whenever I go to any system, the first thing I install is Firefox and then start my browsing.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Well, am not against charity, but there are many industrialists and entrepreneurs who donate and done make a hype out of it. Many NGO’s receive huge donations from anonymous donors. This Melinda Gates foundation gives money to charity which is earned through bad practises, its the unethical money. If they really want to help the people, please slash the prices of your softwares. Windows Vista Ultimate for $400? WTF!

The Bad Practices: I cant forget how they killed Netscape and what they tried to do with Novell. Their Open Source chanting is all false. It is just the pressure which makes them act like this. I would like to congratulate the Samba team who fought a battle with MS to get the specifications of how Windows sharing take place. This is that part which everybody know. Nothing more to tell.

Product Reviews: The only two products which I like are Outlook 2007 and Visual Studio, both of which fall under their Enterprise products category. You got what I meant to say? They never ever care about their Free Products like IE which a majority of people use, instead pay most of the attention on those products which fetch them money.

Piracy : I always believe firmly that its anti-piracy drive is a drama. They never ever want to stop piracy because it would lessen the popularity of their Operating System and the Office Suite. They even make their softwares crackable so that people don’t stop using them. Instead they try to sell it to the people through OEM so that people don’t pay additional. I have even heard people saying that I got an original copy of windows on my system. When I say “You have paid for it”, the answer which I get it “But it came along with the hardware”. Height of foolishness! Would MS give so many licenses for free?

Security :  This would be the most basic thing which people pay attention. Security is not just hacking and cracking, but more widely malware protection. Each and every time MS rolls out a security update and they have been doing this for ages. Evan after installing so many patches and updates why isnt the system secure? Do anti-viruses company pay MS for keeping it malware venerable? I cant deny this fact after watching the track record of this company.

What is GRUB or a bootloader?

GRUB is an abbreviation for GRand Unified Bootloader, its actually a product of the GNU project aimed at creating a bootloader which can boot nearly all operating systems. So now what is a bootloader? We shall now know this in nearly a layman’s approach.
When you switch on your computer, it fetches which operating system to boot from a special place on the hard disk called Master Boot Record(MBR). After that the required operating system is started. This does not need any complications if you have jus one operating system. Now if you have more than one operating system, the new circumstance are explained below.
Consider that there are two friends who got an internet connection and want to share it. What would they do? They will get a hub or a switch to split the line into two so that both of you can get a chance. In the same way consider a bootloader to be like a hub or a switch. It is placed in the MBR and gives you the option to boot any of the many OS which you might be having on your system. Now let u see how this happens.
Your computer is powered on. The contents of the MBR is checked for booting the OS. GRUB should be placed at the MBR so that it can be booted. Now you get a menu at the GRUB to boot your choice of OS. Just select the required and press Enter. That’s done.
Actually GRUB is not completely installed on the MBR. The size of MBR is very small- just 512 bytes. Actually on the MBR only a small portion of GRUB is placed whose function is the bring up the complete GRUB(bootloader). Thus we can say that MBR contains a pointer to the GRUB which is actually located on some other portion on the disk.

Troubles that can crop up:
If you have GRUB installed on some partition say on partition X and a pointer to this partition on MBR. Now if you by mistake delete that partition or format it, you  will lose you GRUB though a pointer may still be containing on the GRUB. So now even though GRUB is on your MBR, you still cant boot any of your OS and you would be greeted by some error message like GRUB error 15,GRUB error 17 or GRUB error 22 depending on the case.
If you have installed Windows after installing Windows you must have noticed that GRUB has vanished. Actually it does not vanish, what happens that Windows replaces itself to the GRUB unhooking GRUB from it. Now GRUB is installed on your computer but still its does not have pointer from the GRUB, its useless now. You need to put GRUB back to the MBR for restoring the original conditions.