Final Semester Project

I have been working on my Engineering Final Semester Project. We are required to make one big project and the time frame alloted is one complete semester! As everyone expects from me, I am using Free Softwares and Open Specifications for my project.

The technologies being used in my project are: PHP, MySQL, Python, SQLite and XMPP for the initial. More technologies can come into picture as and when required. So lets’s start with what am working on? Its a software development platform like Launchpad. Launchpad had their own source control management software(bazaar), then why cant I? My project has sub-sections as Source Control Management resembling a lot with subversion. I have a client and a server module coded in Python.

The data on the server is being stored using MySQL database and the client uses SQLite as database software. Apart from this we also intend to have a issue tracker which will be written in PHP and MySQL running over Apache. All the modules of this Software Development Platform would be tightly coupled with single login and User Access Control.

I am also into thinking that we need to have some IRC kind of real-time chat room where developers can collaborate to work together. Oh Wait! We can use an XMPP bot to keep a watch on the server. XMPP bot can be another frontend to handling your work just from an IM client. Developers should leave status messages related to specific projects so that visitors can know what work is being undertaken by the developers right now.

I am having a gala time working with Python, its an awesome language having short,precise syntax. If you have a good lightweight editor with basic auto-complete, you don’t even have to write anything. 🙂

I would be posting soon the experiences with Python and SQLite. Keep a watch!