Which Programmer are you?

It’s written just for humour, no offence meant to any language


You know you are a Python programmer……. when one of your finger is always on the Tab key


You know you are a PHP Programmer…….. when you always have an urge to type $_FOO[‘BLAH’] every now and then


You know you are a Java Programmer……  when you have a fetish for looong looong identifier names like ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException


You know you are a C programmer…………. when you think pointers is the only true thing that exists on this world.


You know you are a VB programmer……….. when you think it is the only real programming language which exists and you recommend it to a lot of newbie who are fresh into programming


You know you are a JavaScript programmer…………. when you think that JavaScript is the future of programming languages and you eat, sleep and dream of DOM.


You know you are a VC++ programmer………. if you don’t hate VC++


You know you are a Perl programmer…………    if half of your code contains only regex


By Ankur Sethi:

You know you are a Cocoa/ObjC programmer……… when you have this in mind: [anExtremelyLongIdentifier someRandomArgument:foo anotherRandomArgument:bar];

Checklist for fresh Ubuntu installs

Now don’t bash me just for installing proprietary and restricted software on my computer. I have no other option for the time-being. I am too a free software evangelist.

Each time I (re)install Ubuntu on my laptop or home PC or on a friend’s laptop, I always forget some or the other software which I have to download at a later date. This is sometimes troublesome if I don’t have net working at my home and take the laptop to a wired workplace to download the packages. Here are the packages which I usually download and you would always find it as a part.

This includes many proprietary softwares as well, if you know a good replacement, please do take pains to inform me about it.


  • Adobe Integrated Runtime (proprietary)
  • Java 6 (free)


  • Twhirl (proprietary)
  • Terminator (free)
  • xChm (free)
  • Inkscape (free)
  • TweetDeck (?)
  • K3B (free)
  • Scribus (free)

Networking (incl Internet)

  • Thunderbird (free)
  • Epiphany (free)
  • FileZilla (free)
  • WireShark (free)
  • XChat (free)
  • Opera (?)
  • KTorrent (free)
  • Bluetooth OBEX Server (free)

System Tools and Softwares

  • Yakuake (free)
  • VirtualBox OSE (free)
  • Konsole (free)
  • QGRUBEditor (free)
  • APTonCD (free)
  • Wine (free)

Programming (Editors + SDK)

  • Geany (free)
  • Glade Interface Desinger (free)
  • Komodo (proprietary)
  • Netbeans (free)
  • Qt Designer + Qt Creator (free)
  • Qt SDK (free)
  • GTK+ Development Headers (free)
  • Leafpad (free)
  • Emacs (free)
  • Amaya (free)
  • QT4 Linguist and Assistant (free)
  • MySQL (free)
  • Apache (free)
  • PHP (free)
  • SQLiteman (free)


  • VLC Media PLayer (free)
  • Amarok (free)
  • Banshee (free)
  • Last.fm Scrobbler (free)
  • Miro Internet TV (free)
  • RealPlayer (proprietary)
  • Gstreamer Codecs (proprietary) (restricted)
  • Xine (proprietary) (restricted)


  • Dust Theme (free)
  • Nautilus Action Configurations (free)
  • Nautilus Open Terminal (free)
  • Compiz Config Settings Manager (free)