Smells like EULA

Finally the Firefox EULA controversy has died down after Mozilla along with Ubuntu reached an agreement. The whole controversy was really uncalled for since Firefox and Ubuntu are two companions without which Free Software Movement may find very difficult to make its way through. Surely Firefox is the most famous Free Software out there with Ubuntu being the most famous Linux distro.

The matter may have been settled, but its really saddening the way Mozilla Corp is heading. I would like to write a letter to Mozilla Corp for their behavior.

Dear Mozilla Corp,

This is one of your users who has been highly saddened by the presence of Proprietary looking EULA in the latest Intrepid Alpha releases. Free software movement folks cant even stand anything which looks,smells or feels like an EULA.

To remind you that you are a company behind this browser, but did you forget that its the big and vaster community who tests and propagates the use of Firefox. You simply ignored them? A better option could have been to do an online poll to gauge the general public thinking about the EULA. I really feel that Firefox should have been moved to multiverse repository if the EULA would continue to exist. An unofficial build could also have done the work.

I still dont consider your browser as completely free. It still contains a proprietary TalkBack crash reporter. Come on Mozilla, cant you people develop a crash reporter when you can develop such a famous and secure browser. The community is there to test your new crash reporter, whatever you name it.

I dont want to make this letter bigger, the message is quite clear. Keep up and cherish the free software ideals and principles if you really want the support of the strong FOSS community.

Choosing a Linux distro

As all of you might be knowing that distro is a short name for Linux Distributions, here I list many distros which have gained a lot ground of late and can be truly called desktop OS. Some information are also appended along with them so that you can make a nice decision. All comments,suggestion and feedback are welcome.

Ubuntu: This is the best and the most usable Linux distro when it comes to general use. A Linux distribution should not just work properly, it should have a strong community, nice documentation, large number of HOWTOs and TIPS/TRICKS. This is the place where ubuntu beats all distros hands down. If you have problems downloading from the site or have slow connection, you can order its CD for free! Order Now

UbuntuForums: This is one of the most busiest forums and too exhaustive for any one to follow. In light mood its so vast that one needs to be unemployed to keep track of all the threads 😀 Its claims over 6,00,000 users on the community. Even if you post a n00b question, you should expect to get multiple instant replies. One thing special is the patience in community members. The same n00b question is asked again and again by different members and all of them are answered by the people in polite tone. Its a non-geek hangout

Ubuntu Wiki: This is one of the best documentation I have ever seen, one stop destination for all problems and tweaks. The wiki consists of two parts official and community. Official one is a bid narrow thing and to the point explanation whereas community section is highly exhaustive.

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