Checklist for fresh Ubuntu installs

Now don’t bash me just for installing proprietary and restricted software on my computer. I have no other option for the time-being. I am too a free software evangelist.

Each time I (re)install Ubuntu on my laptop or home PC or on a friend’s laptop, I always forget some or the other software which I have to download at a later date. This is sometimes troublesome if I don’t have net working at my home and take the laptop to a wired workplace to download the packages. Here are the packages which I usually download and you would always find it as a part.

This includes many proprietary softwares as well, if you know a good replacement, please do take pains to inform me about it.


  • Adobe Integrated Runtime (proprietary)
  • Java 6 (free)


  • Twhirl (proprietary)
  • Terminator (free)
  • xChm (free)
  • Inkscape (free)
  • TweetDeck (?)
  • K3B (free)
  • Scribus (free)

Networking (incl Internet)

  • Thunderbird (free)
  • Epiphany (free)
  • FileZilla (free)
  • WireShark (free)
  • XChat (free)
  • Opera (?)
  • KTorrent (free)
  • Bluetooth OBEX Server (free)

System Tools and Softwares

  • Yakuake (free)
  • VirtualBox OSE (free)
  • Konsole (free)
  • QGRUBEditor (free)
  • APTonCD (free)
  • Wine (free)

Programming (Editors + SDK)

  • Geany (free)
  • Glade Interface Desinger (free)
  • Komodo (proprietary)
  • Netbeans (free)
  • Qt Designer + Qt Creator (free)
  • Qt SDK (free)
  • GTK+ Development Headers (free)
  • Leafpad (free)
  • Emacs (free)
  • Amaya (free)
  • QT4 Linguist and Assistant (free)
  • MySQL (free)
  • Apache (free)
  • PHP (free)
  • SQLiteman (free)


  • VLC Media PLayer (free)
  • Amarok (free)
  • Banshee (free)
  • Scrobbler (free)
  • Miro Internet TV (free)
  • RealPlayer (proprietary)
  • Gstreamer Codecs (proprietary) (restricted)
  • Xine (proprietary) (restricted)


  • Dust Theme (free)
  • Nautilus Action Configurations (free)
  • Nautilus Open Terminal (free)
  • Compiz Config Settings Manager (free)

Dealing with MP3 problem while playing Amarok on Ubuntu?

here’s probably little choice for Linux users for listening to music on Amarok. No other music player has gained so much reputation. Amarok really rocks! Its bundled with Kubuntu by default. It lacks in Ubuntu, but available in the repositories. Just downloading and installing doesnt work always.The most common problem which people face is that their Amarok does not play MP3’s. Amarok does not have support for playing MP3 by default in ubuntu. It asks you to enable MP3 support but probably that method is broken. Usually KNotify comes up and complains that crash has occurred. All these problems can be fixed very easily. You only need to follow some steps properly.

1) Install libxine1-ffmpeg package through apt. You can install it through terminal or Synaptics Package Manager. Type in terminal:

sudo apt-get install libxine1-ffmpeg

2) Now install Amarok through Synaptic Package Manager. You can install through Terminal (apt-get) also, but the former is better suited as there are probably many dependencies.

Still if you are unable to play MP3’s in Amarok try installing libxine-extracodec instead of libxine1-ffmpeg, but the former should surely work. No guarantee with the extracodec package.