Zeitgeist Explorer release

When I am working on integrating zeitgeist with any other tool as a plugin, addon or writing a completely new application, a lot of times I felt the need to run a live monitor of all the events which are being inserted. Since zeitgeist uses dbus, so the obvious answer would be to use dbus-monitor, but this tool is a bit difficult to use in my opinion. When you are working on something which needs zeitgeist, last thing you need to do is to spend next few hours dealing with dbus-monitor.

I ended up writing a small GUI application which connects directly to zeitgeist daemon and receives a notification everytime an event is inserted.  I released it 2 months before, but never got enough time to further work on it even announce it’s availability. The application is very easy and just lists down all the events. Select any event and it will give you all the information about it. Just to clarify, this is a developer tool.

Here is a screenshot.

Zeitgeist Explorer UI
Zeitgeist Explorer UI

The latest release is 0.1 and is available at Launchpad. Please file bugs in case you encounter any. If you a packager, please consider making it available for the distribution of your choice.