Call for Help

Update: $663.05 total. Target reached. Thanks everyone for your help.

Original Post:

Recently I resigned from my job and went back to graduate school for my masters in US. I had to leave my desktop back in India and take my 6 years old along. Even though it works, it is a living horror. I am somehow able to manage my coursework using this laptop and cannot use it anymore for any open source development.

This laptop overheats and burns my legs, has a broken wifi card which forces me to use an external WiFi adapter. The touchpad buttons are broken and using the touchpad requires secial talent.

One of the USB port, optical drive doesn’t work at all. Battery is completely dead. If I pull out the power cord, it switches off the same way as your TV turns off – not even a single second of backup. I recently got a new charger else this laptop would turn into a paperweight. The only things which works are keypad, display and the bare necessary things like RAM, processor to use the laptop.


I know it sounds shameless, but being on a student education loan and in future I might have to use all the sanctioned amount, I am not in a position to buy a new laptop. I have $400 with me and I am aiming for a customized Thinkpad T430 which should last for another 4 years. It might cost upto $1000 including taxes and shipping. If you are happy with my Zeitgeist and Activity Log Manager work, I would like to humbly request you to donate any amount if you are willing. If I don’t make to $1000, I would have to try to figure out other ways to fill the gap.

I have not been able to work on any Ubuntu, Zeitgeist or any other open source project for last 4 months. Partial list of reasons are immigration stuff, figuring out academic requirements and preparations for this change.

If you are in India, you can deposit it in my State Bank of India account. Account number 00000020085201096 and IFSC code is SBIN0004456

What to expect

If I reach the target and get that laptop, these are the things I have in mind. These are the TODO and possible work I would like to do

  1. I would implement the redesign of Activity Log Manager proposed by Matthew Paul Thomas. I was unable to do it for 12.10 cycle due to lack of time.
  2. I would finish the Zeitgeist debugging tool name Zeitgeist Explorer using which you can monitor event insertion in real time and also fetch events based on filters. Lots of more features can be added.
  3. I would finish the Zeitgeist Manual. Most of the work has been done, but there are still empty sections. I would also need to update it for the latest API and changes.
  4. I would work on integration of Zeitgeist with Elementary. Scratch has Zeitgeist logging enabled and I am planning to port gedit dashboard to scratch.
  5. Squashing of bugs in user facing components of Ubuntu like Software Sources, Apport etc.

8 thoughts on “Call for Help

  1. Hi Manish,
    you are in the US. We have a lot of LUGs (or did). And linux-related groups. It is not uncommon for some linux user to have an old laptop that they are keeping in a closet unused. I would ask around your local university or linux community and see if they can locate an extra laptop. Its worth a shot to ask around. We try to be a nice and friendly community 🙂 Good luck.

    1. I checked it out. I would surely look into it if I don’t get enough money. My aim is to get a laptop which can last 5 years. The last laptop I used lasted for 6 years

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