Ubuntu Power Users reorganization – An advice to our new roletaker

Jono founded Ubuntu Power Users group a few months back. Since then lot many things were discussed but due to being a bit late in the cycle.

Power Users Group got a fresh new start and it was advised to hand over the bigger responsibilities to James Gifford. If any of you don’t know him, he a a very young yet highly energetic community member and an active member on AskUbuntu.

James, every initiative has it’s high and low in activity. When Power Users was started there was many good discussions but now it looks like the team really needs a strong leadership. Do not be demoralized if you find that you are the only person who is working under power-users banner. There might be other people interested in contributing, but they might not feel like contributing when they find themselves alone. It is always more encouraging and consoling to find that the project you are contributing to has an active leader and your work is actually going to make a significant impact. When there is a leader who is working tirelessly, I feel more confident because even if I am not able to contribute, still there is someone who is making sure that my work will reach the wider audience.

Being a leader is tough. Being a maintainer of a software project is also very tough. It is sometimes easier to be a person who just commits code than being a maintainer. You have to make sure that all the nuts and bolts are assembled together in the correct order. Contributors might only make separate pieces, but you have the responsibly to assemble them together and make a working product. Sometimes you even have to make sure that your assembled piece works properly when it itself has to act like a nut to an even bigger piece of software.

I admit having the feeling of “Why? Why am I the only person who is working on it? Does it mean no one else is interested?”. The answer is that probably many other people might be interested, but they are just too busy in another piece of software or community which they maintain. They might be not getting enough time to contribute to the project in which I or you work.

That said, James please make sure that atleast Ubuntu Tweak is included in Ubuntu archives starting Precise. The Ubuntu developers had their own valid share of criticisms for this product, hence it is time to address the issues. I can help you in support and documentation part (on AskUbuntu).

Best of Luck

7 thoughts on “Ubuntu Power Users reorganization – An advice to our new roletaker

  1. Good advice Manish :)!
    Congrats James – I know you’re the right man for the job. If you need my support, you can feel free to lean on me, even if it will require crossing an ocean and such 😉

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