A bit of autotools bashing

Even programmers need to have some fun.

<m4n1sh> mhr3: I loath autotools

<m4n1sh> the best line in Makefile.am is

<m4n1sh> # end of magic

<m4n1sh> the whole thing is magic

<mhr3> m4n1sh, apparently you’re doing magic

<mhr3> autotools themselves are nice and clean if you dont

<m4n1sh> I am still to come across a single build system which doesn’t play with your blood pressure

<mhr3> yea.. there isn’t one

<mhr3> it’s number one feature of all of them

<m4n1sh> is that the basic requirement for all of them?

<m4n1sh> or stop pathetic programmers from creating pathetic applications?

<mhr3> don’t know if it’s requirement, but surely it’s the first feature that gets implemented in any of them

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