Got my Ubuntu Membership

Hi everyone,

If everything  is setup fine, this should be my first post on Planet Ubuntu.

A bit about myself. I am a long time Ubuntu user from Bangalore, India. I studied in Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. Started my working like last year in July. I have been one of the founders of Linux User’s Group in my college alone with friends Ayush and Shubhendra. [first meet pic]

I have done lots of work in spreading Ubuntu during my college days. Many of my friends are running Ubuntu for which I provide support. Even my brother, cousins and many relatives have been attracted to this wonderful distro.

These days I work mostly in Zeitgeist Team. My work started with creating the CLI bindings for zeitgeist so that awesome apps like Tomboy, Banshee and F-Spot can have zeitgeist integration. The integration with tomboy and banshee is nearly done. Next up is f-spot. I have been trying to get into the engine more and more these days. Thanks a lot to the Zeitgeist team. It rocks! You too are invited to be a part of it. You’ll get lots of warm hugs.

A few projects apart from zeitgeist which attract my attention are Elementary Project and Novacut. Thanks to the founder of NovacutJason Gerard DeRose who taught me packaging(including basics). Thanks to Elementary guys who told us that FOSS applications can too look beautiful and artistic.

My next aim is to become a MOTU. I am slowly learning packaging better and better each day. Some years back I used to do bug triaging, but now I am actually interested in squashing them.

Lastly thanks to the excellent Ubuntu community. Love you all.