Release: Zeitgeist-sharp “Stark”

How many of you love Tomboy? How many love Banshee? F-Spot? Some of you might not but some of you might swear by it. Yes, for people like you – how about if your favourite app is sweetened by the spoonful of zeitgeist love? After call for testing, the zeitgeist-sharp team was unable to find any major issues with the library. So, on behalf of the zeitgeist-sharp team, I am happy to announce the first release of zeitgeist-sharp “Stark” which is the client wrapper over Zeitgeist’s DBus API.

So what does this mean? This means that sooner of later, you will see zeitgeist integration with these apps. The work is basically divided into two parts – Dataprovider plugins and Dataconsumer plugins.


The word dataprovider needs no special explanation. It is basically a plugin/addon whose sole work is to “push events” in the daemon. This data is then available for different kinds of work ranging from checking history or any complex data mining activities.


It is basically those applications which consume the events pushed in the daemon. You can actually have a list of all the tracks you listened till now in decreasing order of count and also the exact time when you hit Play for that specific track. You can check when you added a track, when you deleted and a gazillion of other activities. Let your imaginations fly.


I would like to thank Mirco Bauer(meebey) and Jo Shields(directhex). meebey was the one who did created the autoconf based build. Jo Shields is the brave man who is handling the packaging. Thanks a lot – Debian CLI Team rocks. Thanks for your efforts in packaging.


My hopes from zeitgeist is really high such that you can call it unrealistic. We really need people who can write dataproviders. Here I am not calling people who any language and not just mono. If you can think/want to write a dataprovider for any app, contact us. We will guide you. It will be fun. We have bindings for mono, C/Vala and Python as of now. The java bindings is in development. If you want to contact us, please come on IRC channel #zeitgeist on Freenode and catch any of us.

  • Seif Lotfy: seif or seif_ or seiflotfy
  • Manish Sinha: m4n1sh or manish
  • Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen: kamstrup
  • Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals: RainCT
  • Markus Korn: thekorn
  • Micheal Hruby: mhr3

UPDATE: There can be a bit of confusion in the versioning. The ABI version is at but the release version is at 0.1.02 . As long as ABI isn’t broken release versions are fine. has some patches against

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