So should I fork?

As the same time, there’s often a hypocrisy in these communities. When a change is suggested, half the developers shout “show me the code”; when the code is written another half complain about the style or how it’s the wrong way to do it; and when the code is released independently because an upstream merge is just too difficult, yet another half complain about the project being forked. However, the fork allows the code to prove itself in the real world and not simply in theoreticals, and what more proof is needed?

via a commenter on a famous Linux portal


3 thoughts on “So should I fork?

    1. Well, adding the citation can be very provocative.

      I find it true, I had hard time submitting patches or proposing new features. It is just too much of effort. I can understand that people reviewing the proposals are volunteers, but neither am I paid for that. It is because of this I stopped submitting/forwarding patches. This is why my contribution has dropped to FOSS

      BTW, I was about to add the citation, but removed it to prevent another flame war. Just wanted to express my opinion. It isn’t a sarcasm, but somewhat a truth (my experiences). As a supporter of free-software, I wont gain anything by unduly criticizing open source and free projects.

      1. The citation might have provided some context. However, coming back to your own situation, massive push back does start a self-serving cycle of lethargy that can be a prelude to dissatisfaction. I’d suggest that you do explore forking even if it is just to continue your work. The over-riding concern if you fork should be that at some point in time your forked codebase should be able to be installed on a platform/distribution and be able to lend itself to be used completely. A fork that is present because the developer wanted to code but did not decide too much about the potential users is not worth your time.

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