Are you a pundit?

Before going ahead, read Jeff Atwood’s post on pundits

Here is your checklist

1. are you expert in talking crap? (esp shitloads of them)

2. have an opinion on everything under the sun?

3. regularly use buzz-words like “ecosystem”, “model” etc?

4. regularly use phrases like “You won’t understand”, “You don’t matter in the ecosystem”, “You are not the target audience”?

5. get outraged if someone doesn’t agree to you?

6. force your opinion on everyone?

7. when opposed, do you express your opinion like an essay, such that the person in front has to say tl;dr

8. your opinion essay lacks proof?

9. scorn at “Talk is cheap, show me the code”?

10. can cook up points for defense instantaneously?

11. you are an unofficial PR spokesman for your favourite company?

By writing this, I fear I am starting to gain some traits of a pundit. If it is true, I apologize. You can call me a sinner.

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