Maverick Development Updates #2

1. btrfs support
With current daily builds of maverick, installation with btrfs filesystem is supported, though ext4 is the default filesystem. btrfs was pulled in mainline kernel on 9th January 2010.

2. Suspend/Resume bug

Lee Jones working in the kernel team, has written a long exhaustive mail on his experience reguarding to suspend/resume in Thinkpad X61 when SD card is in the card reader. If this bug is solved, it can help a lot of us. Just read the whole paragraph and you would come to know how nasty the situation actually is.

3. Maverick Alpha 2 approaching

Maverick Alpha 2 would be released on July 1st (Thursday).  Archives would be frozen on June 29th,. The next Alpha would be Alpha 3 on August 5th.

4. Freezes in effect and in future

DebianImportFreeze on June 24th and Colin Watson has sent a mail to ubuntu-devel asking people responsible for packages to get the packages imported ASAP

Freezes which are still far off are FetaureFreeze on August 12th, UserInterfaceFreeze and BetaFreeze on August 26th. Beta freeze is for Beta Release planned on September 2nd.

5. Bug Days

6. Ubuntu Developer Week has been announced

Ubuntu Developer Week starts on 12th July(Monday) and ends on 17th July(Friday) between 1600UTC and 2100UTC

7.  Kubuntu Tutorial days

Kubuntu doesn’t get as much love at Ubuntu gets, still it’s the second choice for many people after Ubuntu(GNOME) who want to stick to the environment.

Kubuntu Tutorial day is just one way on 7th July and  only some 6-7 hours.

8. Update from Operation Cleensweep

Daniel Holbach informs that progress is at 14%

9. Software Center Update

From the logs of Desktop Team Meeting dated 15th June, it looks like, we can buy applications from the Software Center in near future. Remember, long back it was rumored to be called Ubuntu Software Store? Later the actual name came out to be Software Center

Under “Buy Something”:

# Payments API is in good shape; we had an API overview from Ricardo Kirkner including a walkthrough of the process
# We identified a problem in that there is the potential for unverified payment amounts submitted to the billing service by the client

* Will require some LP to payment service integration for verification of price paid before authorizing access
* This integration has been targeted for Alpha 3 (after the June 30th LP upload window, tho we can use edge while developing)

# Currently prototyping a payments widget to learn/test/use the payments API
# Launchpad login functionality and basic integration features have been release with Software Center 2.1.2

* As these features are still in-development the next release of software center (later this week?) will hide this feature unless s-c is launched using a command line switch

# LP team on track to deliver needed core functionality at June 30th upload window

Ubuntu Maverick development updates

For last 2 hours, I dug through all the mails from ubuntu mailing lists, esp the announcements related to development, recalled many changes which I heard in last week or two and penned them down.

  • Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat Alpha 1 released with Linux Kernel 2.6.34-5  #
  • Ubuntu sparc and IA64 ports are candidates for decommissioning unless someone comes up to take the responsibility of maintaining it. #
  • Maverick won’t run on processors below i686 #
  • DebianImportFreeze on June 24th, Alpha 2 will come on July 1st #
  • On Alpha 1 alternate, creation of encrypted /home is broken #
  • Shotwell replaces F-Spot as Image organizer #
  • Daniel Holbach invites everyone for Operation Cleansweep. It aims to bring down bugs with patches down to 0(zero) by the time of Maverick release. #
  • Ubuntu User Days has been postponed till July 10th, 2010 #
  • Jono Bacon has invited interested people to come forward and take over Acire and PyJunior development #
  • Maverick rebased to Kernel 2.6.35-rc1 # # # (Status: Maverick (ogasawara) section)
  • Maverick will be getting 1.8 X Server due to which all drivers need to be rebuilt. It might break X when upgrading. Later in the cycle X will be upgraded to 1.9 #
  • Chromium is default for Ubuntu Netbook Remix #
  • Martin Pitt has a page for burn-down chart and work progress for Maverick Alpha 2 #
  • Lots of Software Center UI enhancements on the way #

Edit on June 9,  12:02

Two more entries:

  • Next Ubuntu Hug Day targets Gnome Games to be held on June 10th. 68 New bugs, 28 Incomplete and 14 Confirmed. #
  • Aptitude has been removed. Though it is still available in repos. #

Are you a pundit?

Before going ahead, read Jeff Atwood’s post on pundits

Here is your checklist

1. are you expert in talking crap? (esp shitloads of them)

2. have an opinion on everything under the sun?

3. regularly use buzz-words like “ecosystem”, “model” etc?

4. regularly use phrases like “You won’t understand”, “You don’t matter in the ecosystem”, “You are not the target audience”?

5. get outraged if someone doesn’t agree to you?

6. force your opinion on everyone?

7. when opposed, do you express your opinion like an essay, such that the person in front has to say tl;dr

8. your opinion essay lacks proof?

9. scorn at “Talk is cheap, show me the code”?

10. can cook up points for defense instantaneously?

11. you are an unofficial PR spokesman for your favourite company?

By writing this, I fear I am starting to gain some traits of a pundit. If it is true, I apologize. You can call me a sinner.