Education given by Indian Engineering Lecturers

Case 1:

Lecturer: Write a program to implement a simple stack.

Student: Here is the program

Lecturer: No, not like that .You need to ask the user which element needs to be pop-ped.

Case 2:

Lecturer: What is your project on?

Student: I have implemented a software tool like revision control system which can keep revisions of all files during the software development cycle.

Lecturer: Why have you taken so much pains to implement it, can’t you use “Save As”?

Case 3:

Lecturer: Total Internal Reflection happens when light travels from rarer to denser medium.

Case 4:

Lecturer: Examples of web browsers are Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Students (shouting): Ma’am Mozilla too.

Lecturer: No! Only Internet Explorer and Netscape.

  • All incidents are true. Don’t ask me for proofs – I don’t carry a video camera with me for collecting proofs. If you think the incident can’t be true, consider it to be cooked up.
  • Not all professors/lecturers are like these. I have met lecturers/readers/professors with sound technical knowledge.

13 thoughts on “Education given by Indian Engineering Lecturers

    1. Anomit, even I didn’t get what he wanted to say.

      Anyway I can only write I have experiences or seen, saying that it happens all over the globe would be an over-generalisation.

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