Idiotic Twitter Activities

With the uncontrolled explosion of microblogging we have seen every Tom, Dick and Harry having a Twitter account. The problem doesn’t lie in having a account, but how they use it.


At times it looks like some people have just no work and only thing they do is to re-tweet another’s thoughts. Re tweeting a few exceptional ones makes some sense, but why re-tweet each and every fuckin tweet in this damn universe? Come-on, create a script, follow people and do mass re-tweets. In this way you won’t miss even a single piece of shit thrown upon you. Sometimes re-tweets can be thought upon as a method to gain more followers. God knows how? Am just making wild guesses.

Trending Topics

When topic trend, it means everyone is talking about the same shit and redundancy is at it’s peak. Hell Yeah! Re-tweets even complicate this delicate ecosystem of twitter. Lots of re-tweets mean those fuckin topics start trending. These days trending topics hardly have any originality and the only way to save your sanity is to hide the section.

Tweets with Innumerable Handles

I have seen some people whose tweets contains more twitter handles than they have text. Consider an example

@deathsen It would be better that me, @fcukarrington @dziuba go out for drive with @gragsha. Should we  @scobleshit @fkbeer ?

If you can decipher the tweets, it is well and good. If you get such tweets on a daily basis, the unfollow button comes handy. Just hit that button before insanity starts getting hold of you. I am hardly able to understand whom they are talking to or whether trying to gain attention. I am even curious whether they know what they are writing.

There are more, but probably not so nasty as these. SMS Lingo is one which still gets on my nerves, but somehow I have managed to live with it.

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