Upcoming exciting news from Tech World

  1. Steve Ballmer throws a car at Eric Schmidt.
  2. Ubuntu L***** L**** just works without any goof-ups.
  3. Apple makes iPhone un-pwnable.
  4. Windows 8 removes administrative privileges from default user. In short, now onwards viruses will run with non-administrative privileges.
  5. Opera re-invents the web again. Bundles an Operating System in it’s upcoming “Opera Fright”.
  6. Flash 11 needs 4 CPU cores to render basic animations.
  7. Internet Explorer becomes the safest browser. Reminds “Connecting to the Internet might expose you to viruses, do you want to go offline?” and shows an OK button.
  8. Sun re-writes Solaris in Java. Amen!
  9. Windows 8 requires just 8GB of RAM to run properly.
  10. Script kiddies write malware for Linux and Mac and affect them badly.
  11. FreeBSD gets fool-proof secure. Asks for password when opening Firefox.
  12. Ballmer boasts “Windows has maximum number of applications” (considering viruses as apps too)

6 thoughts on “Upcoming exciting news from Tech World

  1. HA! Just don’t see why you think (even joking) flash would get more bloated ;P
    version 10 was the first one that actually ran stuff properly.

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