Jaunty Notifications, but why did Ted Dzuiba bash it?

I have been a great admirer of Ted Dzuiba, his writing are really thought provocative and humorous as much as possible. Being a critic, he writes to make a issue out of the smallest possible thing espcially Web 2.0 . Though I agree with most of his writings, some of them really fail to amuse me. I felt that being a critic, he sometimes takes a technology and tries to bash it just for no use. I even know I am not as qualified as he is to assess any technology, but still his latest post about Jaunty Notification is really hard to digest. Whatever be the case, he is expert in taking a dig at TechCrunch and making Micheal Arrington‘s pants wet.

He says in his blog post:

The old notifier used to stay out of your way.  Get a little message or whatnot when you got a new e-mail.  It was unobtrusive and didn’t distract you

The older notification was really a headache, same like that in Windows and it never went away when I wanted. I always had to click on that retarded close button everytime I wanted that shit to go away from my screen. I have even written a post how to use the old libnotify library, still I was never much amazed at it. When I came to know about some new notification system in Jaunty, I just hoped that it would be a improvement over the existing, but to my surprise it was much of an overhaul.

The Reasons

The new notification system is passive in nature. Even though it pops up, it goes away without my interference. Agree, it doesn’t have a close button. After all, who needs that big fuckin close button when it can go away by itself?

Another big advantage this new notification system is that, when you hover the mouse over it, it changes the opacity and you can click through. It is somewhat slightly visible to make sure that it hasn’t gone away. Then how come is it obtrusive? It comes and goes away, when you need to access the are where it appeared, it hides itself and allows click-through.

Thirdly for all those designers, the new notification looks better. It’s just like Mac OSX Growl. Maybe some looks-feel loving souls would be happy.

Fourthly, the notifications doesn’t show up randomly all over the screen. All such candidates are queued and shown one below the other instead of popping up and showing up at the same time. Successive notifications from same application are appended on each other. Take an example, someone is talking to you, he keeps on typing and hitting enter which keep up showing up as notifications. Instead of showing a new notification box for each message, they are appended in the original one.


If you don’t believe that there is lot of hard work behind this new notification system, then you can simply check out the wiki page of Ubuntu and the Developer’s Guidelines for the same. Even though their work would be below par, still labour has its value.

One thought on “Jaunty Notifications, but why did Ted Dzuiba bash it?

  1. Car l’iPhone 3G est trop vieux pour supporter la nollveue mise a jourJe pourrait la prendre si un de la dev-team sort un iOS compatible ( comme pour l’iPhone 1g ils ont fait pour l iOS 4 il me semble ) mais je pense que cette iPhone vas aller au oubliette !

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