Sound problems on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

Ubuntu 8.04 users have been facing lots of problems related to sound. This happens when you try to play an embedded flash video inside the browser. This application somewhat locks and doesn’t allow other applications like VLC, Amarok to play anything. Syslog shows

pulseaudio[5903]: module-alsa-sink.c: Error opening PCM device front:0: Device or resource busy

The bug has been reported on Launchpad, many other duplicates exist, one of which is here

A workaround is to kill the daemon and restart it again and again. Once I did these steps, it never locks again. The whole thing is still a mystery.

Kill the daemon:

pulseaudio -k

Restart the daemon

pulseaudio -D -vv

You can even try out installing libflashsupport package, but it didn’t do any magic on my system though people claim that it works. Don’t forget to restart the browser and restart the pulseaudio daemon after installing this package.

This whole killing, restarting the daemon is just a workaround. We hope that it gets fixed. This problem is faced the most in Hardy, though even if you are planning to upgrade to Intrepid, be ready to face this bug. I faced this on the desktop at my home.


8 thoughts on “Sound problems on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

    1. Anyway this is just a workaround. And please upgrade to 10.04 if you can. 8.04 is pretty old. One more year and you will stop getting updates.

  1. If you should eexcripnee that the sound is muted after suspend/resume on the M1330 a solution might be to clear all pulseaudio settings and start from scratch. This can be done as follows:sudo apt-get purge pulseaudioYou will be notified about depending packages that will also be removed. Note yourself the names of these packages. Press Y to continue removing and then reinstall:sudo apt-get install pulseaudio # + any package names that you noted in the previous step

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