Eat, chew, gulp down all available RAM

What advantages does Linux offer other operating systems? Whenever anyone asks me this question, one of the answer is always “Eats less memory than other OS”. Though the RAM usage of most famous Linux distros are growing slowly, still its better than its other counterparts.

There was a discussion going on ubuntu-users [at] lists [dot] ubuntu [dot] com which is for technical support rather than general discussions. One person asked that though he has a system with 4GB RAM, them still none of the 32-bit OS recognize the whole 4GB and instead shows 3.5 out of 4 when 256MB is shared for graphics. Where does the rest 256 go? The answer is still vague and no one is able to understand.
Suddenly another person jumps in and says that he never needed more than 2GB of memory on his system since Ubuntu doesn’t use swap when it has so much memory at its disposal. The idea of 4GB memory looks unusual to him.
The most interesting answer to the above question was given by Scott <>. Quoting his answer.

I also do have crappy old Vista on that laptop and that eats up RAM just like there is no tomorrow. It uses more than 1 Gig of RAM just sitting there doing nothing! I just use Vista for a couple of games that will not play on Linux and they work really well with the 4 Gigs of RAM. If you wonder the games are EQII, Space Empires, and Civ4

Great answer Scott, you gave me an excellent answer.