Apple Says : Dogs and Opera not allowed

The similarity between Apple and Microsoft is that they both are big evil corporations. The difference between them is that Microsoft has abundance of hateboys, whereas Apple is swarmed by fanboys.

The days of Hitler and Mussolini are back. Now its not a one man rule with armed forces but a one man rule with a giant corporation standing with him and enforcing his will through the law of land. Yes! It’s again Apple. The fanboys are making the matter more complicated which doesn’t even leave the freedom of speech to the general people. They forget that its eventually the end-customers whom they should target.

I read a shared article by Ankur on Google Reader telling how Apple rejected Opera browser in the App Store of iPhone. Now isnt it too much of a monopolistic decision on behalf of Apple? Now when they have scrapped off their controversial NDA, what new f**king excuse would they throw out at the face of Opera developers? Isnt apple trying to control each and everything that is available on this planet? iPhone apps have to be acquired through App Store and any app not available through the store cant run, unless your jailbreak your phone.

People tout Android as a weak opponent of iPhone. I agree to some extent, but the release of G1 really had some impact on the Apple’s policy. The NDA was shown the door and Apple’s tone became a bit liberal. Inspite of all these the iPhone looks more like a Nazi kingdom where you don’t have an alternative. You need to bow your head in front of the Almighty for food apps.

Now since iPhone is Apple’s most important product, should’nt Apple think twice before closing doors at the face of developers without citing a reason? Some day or other I come to hear of news of apps being rejected from the Store. If iPhone dominates the world market, then an anti-trust lawsuit can be files againt for controlling the market. Microsoft has already faced this situation and Apple should learn from the experience.

5 thoughts on “Apple Says : Dogs and Opera not allowed

  1. @Varun
    apparently, Cydia can be installed and made use of only on jailbroken iPhones :-). Not all (as a matter of fact, not many) users would prefer doing that. So, we fall back to our initial problem.

  2. @Saahil and Varun

    People don’t prefer jail breaking phones since many of them arn’t tech-aware. Many of them are normal non-techies who bought iPhone just because it was in news. They didn’t even understand the meaning of many terms.

    Plus, there are many other requirements for pwning your phone. You need to be updated to a specific firmware version.

    Well jailbreaking is possible,but everyone don’t feel safe to do so. So the problem still persists.

    Maybe this falls in the same category as Bug #1 filed on Launchpad related to Ubuntu

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