Play with CompizFusion on Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10

One of the most awaited feature of Ubuntu Gutsy was its eye candy. CompizFusion is bundled by default which requires only some hardware acceleration and is best suited for people who have graphics card. One of the major problems which people are facing is that they are unable to find a front-end to configure Compiz. This frontend is called CompizConfig Settings Manager. You only need some tweaks and your system is ready. Get the package named compizconfig-settings-manager using apt or Synaptics

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

You need to have some packages installed. These are bundled by default but if you dont have you need to install them before you can use compiz. These are compiz-fusion-plugins-main , compiz-core , compiz-gnome , compiz-plugins .

Some of the famous effects are cube effect,rotate cube,wobbly windows, water effect and shift switcher. Some of the useful shortcut keys are as follows, just try them out and see

Ctrl+Alt+ <down>





Ctrl+Alt+<mouse button 1>

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