New Tech Blog! Hurray!

Well People! I have got another blog on my own site. I know that this blog is the most visited blog i have ever owned, I am really happy to see that even without any publicity I am getting more traffic than i had ever expected.  🙂 Its even showing up in all major Search Engines, many people are coming here after redirected by search engines (I can see that on blog stats). Surprisingly most people come here when they were searching for general FAQ and HowTo’s. Its a proof that my blog is showing up high in search results even though its page rank isnt still available.
Well coming to the point, the URL of my new blog is . Strictly speaking its not very new,i had bought the domain some 10 days back and hosted it a week back. I have put lots of interesting stuffs. Good news is that Google has already indexed it. It is more dedicated to News and short stories and concepts rather than FAQ’s and HowTo’s. Well FAQ’s and HowTo’s will always be integral part of this blog (

Hope you would send your feedback and comment on this effort.Dont forget to check it out 🙂

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